Frugal Living – How to Use the Internet to Save Money

There are many different ways to save money.  We have many tools at our disposal; including the internet.  While the internet is full of great (and not so great) money saving ideas; we want to share a few that we’ve come across:

1. Check Out Price Comparison Websites

Whether you are planning to purchase a small appliance for your kitchen or a  large investment like a car, you can search for reviews and price comparisons  online. Even if I want to buy a book from Amazon, I check the reviews first  before I put the money into it.

2. Subscribe to Coupon Blogs

Each day, I get several emails from different coupon blogs that I have  subscribed to. These are kept current daily and give you the best deals on  groceries and other items. Sometimes they show you where you can print coupons  for particular products. Many of these blogs have already done the hard work for  you in matching current store deals to newspaper and printed coupons that are  available. I have saved a lot of money and found deals that I wouldn’t have  noticed by daily checking these blogs.

3. Participate in Forums or Blog Comments

Often, you can find like-minded people who are also trying to live frugally  on various forums and blogs. I don’t mean to spend all of your day chatting  online. But if you keep an eye on these sites, you can pick up tips and ideas  about saving money. You may have questions about a certain product or service  and someone else in the discussion may have had an experience with it. They can  give you good, first-hand advice.

4. Check Out Authority Review Sites

There are product review sites popping up all over the place. Some of these  may be writing reviews without ever having used the product. Search for high  authority websites that have been around for a while and have a high page rank.  Read and see if they have actually tried the products and what they have to say  about them.

Important to Remember

Remember that a deal isn’t a deal unless you wanted the item anyway! It’s  easy to get carried away, even on couponing, and buy a bunch of things that you  wouldn’t normally get or use. In my zeal, I have at times spent more than I  normally would just because I had coupons. Use these frugal tips to spend  wisely.


By: Jessica Gerald  

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