5 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Kid-Friendly Style to Living Spaces

kids toy storage Kids Storage FurnitureAny parent knows managing a home with busy kids – be they toddlers or teens –  can pose decorating challenges. But having children doesn’t mean delaying the  dream of a stylish home. Here are five easy ways to add livable style that meets  the demands of those busy family spaces.




1. Choose Your Paint… Wisely!

Decorators agree, a freshly painted color scheme is one of the easiest ways  to update a room at minimal cost. Nowadays most paint brands offer easy-clean –  termed “scrubbable” – paints in all sheens, including popular flat. These  durable paints are an ideal choice for updating family spaces in easy-clean  style.

2. Add Pop with Fashionable, Functional Fabrics

Here’s another decorator trick – freshen up seating areas with colorful throw  pillows. Some kid-friendlier fabric choices include throw pillows with removable  washable covers or pillows made in easy-care faux suede and microfiber fabrics.  Throw pillows in moisture- and mildew-resistant outdoor fabrics offer an array  of easy-clean colors, patterns and textures that look and perform great indoors,  too.

3. Stash Toys in Style

Storage-style furniture, accent pieces and decorative boxes are great ways to  store away kid’s toys in family spaces. And you don’t have to invest in a big  piece to add loads of storage, either. Simply add a few storage cube footstools  in seating areas, stash a mini-trunk or two under an end table, or place a few  stacking baskets in a corner. These strike the perfect balance between  practicality and style for kid-friendly living spaces.

4. Accessorize with Kids in Mind

Keep headaches – and cleanup – to a minimum by accessorizing family rooms  with kids in mind. Breakable accents and collectibles are best displayed on  mantles or higher shelves. In kid-accessible areas consider adding decorative  touches like containers, candlesticks and figurines made from break-resistant  materials like wood, acrylic, melamine, resin or metal. Decorative accents in  these more durable materials are surprisingly easy to find. Check out the  kitchen section in stores for durable plastic bowls that can double as  decorative accents, and the garden section offers a number of containers, vases  and accents in break-resistant, lightweight materials.

5. Step Up Floor Style with Easy-clean Rugs

Area rugs add style and comfort to any room, but they’re a magnet for kids’  spills and smudges. To combat this, consider using outdoor rugs in busy family  spaces. Rugs made for patios and outdoor rooms offer textures and colors that  mimic indoor versions, but are made of easy-clean, moisture- and mildew-proof  fibers. They’re easy to spot clean for minor spills and, unlike indoor rugs,  they can be taken out and hosed off for a deep-down clean.

author: K. Fabregas


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