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A great online source chock full of tips, information and how-to for all things related to your home. HomeTips is a free tool for the handyman in your house.

About HomeTips

HomeTips provides on-line help to homeowners and produces home-improvement books, web content, and related material for businesses. was started in a tree house in 1996 by home-improvement author Don Vandervort. “In the early years, the Web site was little more than an electronic business card for my writing work,” says Vandervort, who converted a kid’s clubhouse into an office that he used for writing home-improvement books. Now, a decade later, HomeTips is thriving with more than 800,000 visitors each month–and it has moved to more conventional offices in Glendale, California. Today, is rated one of the Web’s top home-improvement sites.

Don Vandervort, CEO and founder of HomeTips, wrote his first home improvement book in the early 1970s and, since then, has written, edited, or produced more than 30 books, including the 560-page Lowe’s Complete Home Improvement & Repair, The Home Problem Solver (Perseus Books), and Home Magazine’s How Your House Works (Ballantine).

Nationally recognized as a home improvement authority, Don performed as the segment host on the Telly-award-winning HGTV show “The Fix,” and has been featured as a home-improvement expert on Dan Rather’s 48 Hours (CBS News), many segments of ABC Television’s HOME show, and the HGTV shows “Help at Home” and “Working from Home.” He has worked as a spokesperson for Proctor & Gamble and American Standard.

Vandervort’s two sons also work with HomeTips. Gabriel, formerly a writer/producer of shows for The History Channel is in charge of Web Development, and Christian, a cinematographer and film editor, heads up New Media. A talented team of seasoned writers and editors work with HomeTips to create expert content, including Louise Damberg, Kristinha Anding, Michael Morris, Andrew A. Hunt, and Shelley Stewart.

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