Did we mention? USDA IS BACK!

Did we mention? USDA IS BACK!

HR 4899 was passed today by the house in a version identical to the one passed in the Senate earlier this summer.  The bill is now reconciled and will probably go to President Obama to sign into law sometime in the next two weeks .

With that said, some lenders are taking applications and closing loans for USDA at this very moment.  Many banks and mortgage companies are still waiting for the official USDA green light.  There has been a lot of optimism about the bill eventually passing and including a method for USDA to continue funding for the remainder of the year.  With that in mind, some investors are willing to hold those loans until this happens and seek funding at a later date.

First Republic Mortgage is proud to offer USDA home loans right away!  In fact, we closed three USDA loans last week and there is absolutely no delay or obstacles in our way to help our clients with USDA Rural Housing f inancing.  If you think a USDA home loan may be a good fit for you then get pre-qualified today so you can start looking for your dream home while interest rates are still historically low!

You can complete a secure online application by clicking here.

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